Has the Energy Saving Trust been Lying to You about Saving Money?

Has the Energy Saving Trust been Lying to You about Saving Money?

In the endless bid to improve the energy efficiency of the country and reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are being produced by properties; Government initiatives and independent groups have promised homeowners a cacophony of monetary advantages to be earned. This has proved to be an effective way of generating interest amongst the general public who felt as though they could not justify making energy efficient changes without monetary gain.

Now however, the Energy Saving Trust may be forced to downgrade the savings promises attached to energy efficient installations. An independent study has found that the actual savings that are enjoyed by the British public are roughly half of what the Government has promised.

Even more shockingly, Government bodies have promised homeowners that loft insulation could save them upwards of £180 but a report by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) suggests that the actual figure saved could be as low as £15.50.

This demonstrates the necessity for Government bodies involved in promoting energy efficiency schemes should concentrate their efforts on promoting the environmental gains of such initiatives. This approach would see the Government eschew schemes such as the Green Deal that has concentrated on promotion through money saved for participants – a scheme that has been an unmitigated failure.

The Energy Saving Trust will later this month downgrade the proposed and promised savings on energy efficient installations.

Environmentalist Chris Goodall suggests that homeowners thoroughly inspect the procedures carried out by those operating within such schemes to ensure that they are getting the full service that they have paid for. Certain authorities have been accused of cutting corners when making such installations.

“Perhaps 40% of homes with new insulation experienced increased bills compared to the control group. This might be because the insulation was installed badly – a depressingly common phenomenon – or because the occupants decided to heat their house to a higher temperature as a result of the better insulation.”

Asim Nawaz, of EPCarlson, echoes these sentiments: “It is important for homeowners to full understand the full repercussions of having green installations made within their home. Even if they will not benefit as much as hoped financially, the environmental benefits of installing a new boiler or quality insulation should not be overlooked. We are all in this together and all need to do our own bit in securing the planet’s future.”


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