Why we should be Following Mumbai’s World-Saving Lead

Why we should be Following Mumbai’s World-Saving Lead

Picture Mumbai and your vision is instantly filled with images of manic, busy streets filled to the brim with people and animals rushing from A to B. Bollywood scenes showing chaos and disorder demonstrate a lifestyle that whilst exhilarating, does not appear efficient in any manner. However, the World’s 4th most populous city is now taking steps to become an exemplary energy efficient city.

Mumbai, like the majority of India, is suffering from a significant energy crisis and moves are being made around the city to improve how efficiently it is run. Although the key motives for this newly adopted approach are purely monetary, they will bring forth significant environmental benefits – and this is where we can learn from Mumbai.

The iconic Godrej Bhavan building in the city has been highlighted as a benchmark for Mumbai’s other large buildings, office blocks and apartments having recently installed energy efficient upgrades. This move has cut the energy consumption of the building by 28%; billions of dollars could be saved every year if more buildings made the same effort.

“The Godrej Bhavan building case study confirms the practical, cost-effective, and energy-saving opportunities available with energy efficiency,” said Anjali Jaiswal, director of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s India Initiative. “With India’s energy crisis worsening, scaling up energy efficiency in buildings will be critical to ensuring that businesses and cities can continue to grow a sustainable way.”

Mumbai officials have also sought out the help of LED technology to improve the energy efficiency and efficacy of their streetlights. The vast majority of the lights in the Mumbai streets will benefit from LED bulbs which will reduce energy consumption, reduce costs and improve the quality of light.

The 12 million people who live in Mumbai will immediately benefit from the improved technology due to the significantly reduced risk of blackouts that plague the city. As well as making the city more energy efficient, these changes could make it a safer place to live.

Anwar Adam, Director of Astute Lighting Ltd, is not surprised that some of the World’s busiest cities are turning to LED solutions:

“Having worked with electronics and LED lighting for more than a decade, I have witnessed first-hand the increased reliability of the bulbs and the incredible energy efficiency that they provide,” said Mr Adam. “Not only can homeowners and business owners save fantastic amounts of money, but whole cities are demonstrating the massive potential of this technology.”

Hopefully some of the World’s other most populous cities such as Shanghai, Istanbul, Karachi and Moscow will take heed of Mumbai’s initiative and strive to make energy efficient changes. This could have widespread repercussions helping to protect the environment.


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