Essential Steps You Can Take To Minimise Home Infestation

Essential Steps You Can Take To Minimise Home Infestation

As our population increases and we are squeezed into ever tighter spaces, it is hardly surprising that mother natures creations are constantly adapting and improvising to take advantage of our warmth, homes, and food. We are waging a constant war against insects and vermin. We have the upper hand at the moment. There are some things we can all do to make life that little bit harder for common pests. We often only sit up and make changes after we have been affected in some way, so let’s get stuck in and do what we can to prevent infestation of our homes.



A good start is to take a look around the outside of your property. Always try and leave a few feet between your house and places where insects call their home. Keep the compost bin and any log piles far down the garden. Trim any bushes or trees back to create a good gap. Make sure there is nothing leaning against the walls and that the walls are dry. Check the guttering for damage if you have wet bricks.

Waste Disposal

This is arguably one of the biggest causes of vermin infestation, disposing of your waste in the correct way is vital. Rats are brave little creatures. Often they will blatantly rummage through your rubbish bags and show no fear even if you are present. Never stack your food waste outside in black bin liners. Our large wheelie bins have helped us with regard to the problem of vermin, but you should always make sure the lid is firmly closed. If you need to dispose of extra waste take it to your local landfill site whenever possible. Always wash out your recyclable items before they go in the bins too as this will help.

Rats are dangerous creatures if cornered. If you have a serious infestation always leave it to the experts such as Pest Control 247, or another highly reputable company.

Fill Those Gaps!

Internal and external gaps allow the enemy access to your home. Inspect your brickwork and woodwork. The latest in caulking and silicone sealers make it relatively easy to shut of those points of entry internally. Outside you may need mortar for your brickwork to fill any holes and stop the bees and wasps moving in.

Inspect your roof for gaps. Some gaps are left for ventilation purposes so closing them is not a good idea. Here, use a fine mesh product that can be found with a simple internet search. Call in a pest control expert or a roofing specialist if you are not sure.

If you should be unlucky enough to find a wasp’s nest in your roof, you should not attempt to remove it yourself. There is a possible risk to life in doing so, and you must get a professional in.

Clean and Tidy

Do that spring cleaning once a year. A good daily household cleaning routine helps too. It is not necessarily a reflection on your way of life if you do suffer with a bug infestation; though you can make it harder for the little pests to take hold. Don’t leave piles of dirty clothing lying around for weeks at a time. Keep those kitchen cupboards clean and vacuum regularly. Simple steps can be effective in frontline defence.

I hope you find this basic guide useful. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do if your neighbours have piles of rotting rubbish in their garden. Your only course of action may be reporting them to your local Environmental Health department. If we all make the effort though, it can go a long way to preventing problems in the first place.


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