Energy Saving Tips for Tenants and Renters

Energy Saving Tips for Tenants and Renters

More and more people are dwelling in rented properties as the cost to buy and mortgage interest rates continue to be out of the grasp of most people. Whilst this provides a more short-term solution for their housing problem, it means that the environmentally-conscious among them may come somewhat unstuck.

Even if they want to make energy efficient changes to their home, they may require the permission of landlords, building managers and rental management teams before acting. This can prolong the process and in some cases, even kill it dead. For those who cannot make the energy efficient changes that they desire, here are a few small and simple changes that they can make themselves.

Get Everything Working at 100%

Clean everything in your property thoroughly and completely to ensure that they are working at their fullest potential. Even though cleaning the oven or defrosting the freezer may not be the most desirable of tasks to perform on a quiet Sunday, but it can have hugely positive ramifications.An fridge freezer that is not using its energy efficiency may end up using more electricity to compensate. Likewise, an oven with vents blocked by grease may not cook as effectively, requiring you to keep your dinner in for long, wasting energy.

Getting Social

Cut down your energy consumption and meet new people by socialising with your neighbours. Gathering around the television en masse to watch the season finale of Sherlock is far more energy efficient that for every house on the street to tune into the same channel. Just one or two ‘social’ nights a week, sharing food and company can have a significantly positive effect upon an area’s energy consumption.

Checking the Itinerary

Whenever you move into a rented property, it is important to check the itinerary of items. Anything that is not in the itinerary is not protected by the terms of the lease and can be used however you like. A wooden table that has not be included in the itinerary can then be recycled into anything you want. Rather than buy a new book shelf, the wood from the table can be used. Almost any unwanted thing around the home can be recycled and reused in some way.

DFurniture Store Managing Director, Farzana Patel, thrives on recycling old pieces of furniture: “it is always a challenge to create something new and beautiful from an old piece but it is so rewarding and often results in greater creativity. I have made some incredibly splendid pieces from leftover furniture that nobody wants anymore.”

These simple changes can help lower your energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint of the property and not compromise you getting your deposit back.



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