How To Control The Temperature Of Your Home Without Using Artificial Heating

How To Control The Temperature Of Your Home Without Using Artificial Heating

It’s usually at this time of year when most of us begin to realise our homes don’t quite hold heat as much as we’d like. This often results in significantly inflated heating bills that could be avoided completely if you had the right information and were willing to put in a little bit of elbow grease. You might think that having your boiler running all day is the only solution, but we’re currently living in the age of technology and science, so there are actually many more things you can do to cut back whilst still keeping warm.

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Today, I’ve decided to write a short article based on the research I’ve been performing over the last couple of weeks for a friend. He asked me to find out if it were possible for him to refrain from turning his radiators on throughout the month of January 2014. To begin with, I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure if it was possible, but thanks to some savvy bloggers online and many new companies providing products for just this application, I discovered it was more than possible – in fact, it’s pretty easy.

Heat Control Window Film

This product looks very similar to clingfilm or shrinkwrap, but in fact it’s around ten times stronger than either of those. It’s very cheap to buy and can be installed in only a few hours throughout your entire home, so it’s definitely something you should give some serious consideration to. Basically, you place it over your windows and fit it in place using a heat-gun (or even a hairdryer if you’ve got one knocking around). The difference is noticeable instantly, and you’ll no longer get plagued by mystery drafts or cold spots.

Outdoor Sunshades

Now, you’ll probably associate these with keeping your home cool during hot periods, but it turns out they’re just as useful when it comes to retaining heat. There are many companies online who provide this product, so you should have no trouble locating something suitable. Sola Shade sells awnings to the general public and to the best of my knowledge; they’re currently the industry leaders, so perhaps you should take a quick visit to their website and get a quote. All you need to do once your product arrives is fit it to the outside of your home and let it act as an additional barrier to cold winds. Obviously, it’s also pretty useful in the summer when you need to cool down.

Soundproofing Devices

Yes, that’s right folks, soundproofing solutions can actually help to regulate temperature inside your home (no, I haven’t lost my marbles). You’ve probably seen soundproofed walls before, right? The products you purchase look almost like egg boxes and serve to deflect sounds back into the centre of any room whilst also creating a barrier between the noise and the wall. This barrier is what makes it so useful for retaining heat. You probably want to avoid soundproofing all your rooms and this will seriously reduce the size of your home, but simply applying the products to one wall in your most occupied room can make all the difference for little cost. Try it!

So, now you’ve read through all the information and taken a moment to let it sink in, I’m expecting to see you all trying innovative techniques like this is the future. They could save you thousands of pounds in the long run.

Take it easy!


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