How You can Get Your Family to Save More Energy for their Entertainment

How You can Get Your Family to Save More Energy for their Entertainment

Today, everyone has a little gadget or electronic device that they are constantly using for entertainment. It can seem impossible to pry our kids away from the TV, their video games, cell phones or any other device that keeps them occupied for so many hours of the day. Every demand that you make only seems to push them further and further into their electronic entertainment.

Not only do you want every member of your family to spend more time enjoying the non-electronic things in life, spending time outdoors and with family, but you also want to reduce the amount of energy that you use. This is not always an easy task, but you can make small changes to accomplish it. Here are some ways that you can get your family to save more energy on their entertainment.

Set parental controls

Most technology and services today offer parental control settings. You can use these settings to limit the amount of screen time that you and your family get every day. You can set the limits based on user and monitor how much time each family member spends with that specific technology each day. You may have to struggle a little bit at first, but after a while your kids will understand the rules and know that when their time limit is up, they need to find a new activity to entertain themselves with. Go to to learn more about parental control options for your TV service.

Create fun activities that don’t involve using energy

Many kids will argue that there is nothing fun to do that doesn’t involve technology. You can change that by creating fun activities that do not involve using any energy and give your kids opportunities to find new activities that they might enjoy even more than the technology they use. Especially in the summer time, you can set up many different games and other fun things in your own backyard, like scavenger hunts.  Get creative with your kids to find new things that are fun and eco-friendly.

Have a competition for who can use the least amount of energy per week

Another good way to challenge your kids and ensure that they will only use a limited amount of energy each week is to create an energy-use competition. Set goals for everyone and see which person can meet or exceed those goals. Have prizes arranged for the end of the week for the person who uses the least amount of energy. You will have to monitor your kids to make sure that they are being honest, but you will have fun seeing how they try to beat their previous week’s energy use and their siblings. Having this motivation will encourage your kids to think more eco-friendly every day.

Upgrade your entertainment technology

If you want to make some bigger changes that can save your family on energy costs without changing any of your daily habits, you can upgrade your technology to energy-efficient models. The new TVs, for example, use LED technology that uses less energy. You can also buy TVs that have an eco-mode to save your even more energy.



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