How To Become More Self-Sufficient And Rely Less On The Grid

How To Become More Self-Sufficient And Rely Less On The Grid

Ever since the 1970s television program where Barbara and Tom Goode dropped out of mainstream society and opted instead for a life of self-sufficiency, it has been a desire of many, to follow in their footsteps.

Self-sufficiency is a very difficult thing to achieve in Britain because we are a tiny island in comparison to many other countries, and our political masters have us trapped in the system by taxing us at every opportunity. Council tax is the main demand that forces us to remain in the system to a degree, because we must raise money to pay it.

We can, however, lessen our reliance on energy and water supplies by making changes in our lives. The reward will come to those who try when fuel supplies run out or if there is a terrorist attack on the system. If either of those things were to happen, most of the population wouldn’t know what to do, and mass panic would follow. They say that we are only three meals away from anarchy at any time.

Here are some tips to help you become less reliant on the grid.


Your home can never have enough insulation. Every pound you spend on it will be prepaid quickly with lower energy bills. Empty all of your useless clutter from the loft and put extra insulation up there instead. Don’t be afraid to make it a meter thick, or even more. Most heat loss occurs through the loft, so you must stop it escaping that way.

Log Burners

Install some log burning appliances for your heating and cooking. We are too reliant on gas and coal, both of which can be denied us at any time. Build a storage area in the garden to keep good quality firewood dry. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate structure, just something to keep the rain off. The more logs you are able to collect, the longer you will last if there is a break in supplies, so always keep an eye open for supplies, which leads me to the next point.

Purchase Some Woodland

There are agents online that specialise in selling woodland. There may be a few acres for sale close to you for a surprisingly low price. When you have your own wood, you can learn the art of coppicing to give you a sustainable supply of fuel for your burners.

Dig A Well

You may find that your house sits above a suitable water supply. A reliable water source is essential for self-sufficiency; ask an expert to survey your land and drill a borehole if it is possible. If you build a composting toilet, you can ask your water supplier to disconnect their services, and you will be free of them forever.


Solar panels are very efficient, so install some and generate your own electricity. Any excess power is sold to the electricity supplier so it can bring in a regular income; perhaps enough to pay that hated council tax.

As you can see, you energy bills could be reduced considerably. That is good for your finances and the environment, while also sticking two fingers up to the fat cat executives and shareholders who are bleeding the rest of us dry. Are you nodding your head in agreement? I thought so.



Dull Axe by Clint Budd


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